Tokyo Tower

Tokyo tower has all kinds of places where you can have fun whenever you visit. I`ll introduce you to ten of its most fun locations!

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo tower has all kinds of places where you can have fun whenever you visit. I`ll introduce you to ten of its most fun locations!

  1. Love Power spot: Is on the 2nd floor of the Main Observatory, it`s decorated with 10,000 romantic Swarovski crystals. A single glance and your romantic prospects will increase immeasurably!
  2. Noppon Bothers: a funny characters called Noppon Brothers, they are Tokyo Tower`s mascot. The older brother is cool and the younger is kind, have a look for theme at the weekend or on the holidays. You may well come across them somewhere!
  3. Outside Stairs: They are challenging “Outside Stairway” is the ultimate, unmissable attraction! They are 600 steps up to the Main Observatory, i wonder how long it`ll take to get to the top? But if you could get to the top the stuff will give you a certificate.
  4. Weekend Attractions: There are even more great attractions available at the weekend, events such as monkey shows and juggling are held every week, also popular especially among families with children.

Tokyo Tower: You can see Tokyo Tower from Tokyo Tower!? Another one lit up can be seen emerging out of the night skies of the great city.

  1. Light Down Legend: Everyone now knows about the “Lights Down Legend” Couples gather at around the time the lights are turned off at Tokyo Tower, who gaze on the lights together the moment they are turned off are thought to gain eternal happiness.
  2. The Great Illuminations: The Great Illuminations of the Tower warm light envelops the Main Observatory in a distinctive warm glow during spring. Milky Way Illuminations are turned on early in July, and during the Winter the “Christmas Illuminations” present a true feast of light. Every year a different Illuminations are decided depends by cases.
  3. Tokyo Daijingu Shrine: it`s really popular among people praying for success in exams or for good fortune in love! It`s located in the 2nd floor, this is a venerable Shinto Shrine located higher up than any other shrine in Tokyo.
  4. Diamond Veil: Shines radiantly in the night sky, the tower is shrouded in light in seven colors symbolizing love, eternity, hope and so on. Each color has its own distinctive meaning.
  5. Club 333: The Main Observatory offers you evening entertainment, a venue for live concerts and events that vary from one day to other. It`s a real treat to be able to listen to music while appreciating the fantastic view.

Least and not last, everyone who work at Tokyo Tower focuses on providing real hospitality, stuff can speak English, so fell free to ask any! And enjoy your journey at Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower Japan at night

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  1. Enjoyed place that must visit

    Totally enjoying place, perfectly clean and well organised, a bit crowded but recommended.
    I hope to see some halal restaurants and pray space or musallah.

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