I. Co-Founder & COO

I was born and raised in Morocco, from a Moroccan father and Italian mother, an Italian which have the magic taste of Italian food making which she left it to stay and grow up a great family in Morocco, she learned Arabic and join Islam then enjoyed her experiences by learn and add new kind of Magic, Moroccan Food, than explore the Muslim world.

Before 16 years of experiences when i learn and enjoyed mom`s food, i left my country for a long travel until today i stopped in Japan, i have many experiences of Food & Restaurants, got talented by staying in lot of countries, guess what!

The entire world hold lots of other Halal Food that i never eat, as a Muslim i become a lover of food from around the Muslim world. Top of them is Tajines from Morocco, Curries from Pakistan or India, Chinese… Can`t tell all but you will spend your entire life exploring them…

HalalNavi About Us COO and Co-Founder - Zak
Zak Chapman

It`s really hard to find those few Halal Restaurants that serve real Halal Food, so i miss out on great experiences. That`s why my great friends and I started HalalNavi.com – we want to share the news about the places where you can eat Halal.

I. Network side

Thousands of reviews are honest evaluations by pure people on HalalNavi.com. And just because some restaurant serves Halal Food or owner is Muslim does not necessarily mean its Halal!

By making a program for exploring, controlling, then proving that place will prove to us by double checks on all Halal`s places, here it is if you know about a place even is not listen on our site you can CLAIM IT, and we will handle it for you.

Since august 2014 HalalNavi Guide has grown from a region guide to Halal Food in Tokyo, Japan to the world`s largest Halal Guide.