I.Handling of personal information

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II.Handling of personal information

  1. HalalNavi Guide, created all of the information that has been posted on this site carefully, but also to manage, its accuracy and in terms such as integrity, it does not give you any warranty of any kind.
  2. HalalNavi Guide, keep improving our service which do maintenance and failure of the system, but in case of natural disasters such as fire, power outages, earthquakes, you may lost other operations and technical, information on this site.
  3. For any kind of breaking laws or warranty,we will determined that it is necessary to suspend the offer, without prior notice on our site and stop operational offered by, but you still have the ability to change the whole or part of the information that has been posted on this site.
  4. Although you have been use of this site, or that it was not possible to use it for some reason, writing of data by any of the damage and third party caused more customers of unauthorized access, remarks, e-mail transmission, etc. (trouble occurs between the customers helping each other, drop customers any damages arising in relation to contain the damage incurred, the Company does not assume any responsibility in any way.